The Human to Earth Connection

There’s something very special about holding a just-harvested tomato in your hands. It’s a satisfying feeling that goes back to our genetic heritage. For generations, people have worked in harmony with sunlight, air, rain and soil to produce food for humanity. Nature truly has been a part of the family.

Earth. It’s Not Just For Plants.

Our interactions with nature might be more entwined with our well-being than we think. Would it surprise you to know that scientists have found that a consistent connection with the natural world is just as necessary to a healthy lifestyle as eating good food?

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One Surprising and Rarely Discussed Reason to Eat Vegetables

We always talk about how important it is to eat veggies because they provide us with so many of the proteins, vitamins and minerals we need to be at our best physically.

But there is another really good reason we should eat plant-based foods. It’s not talked about much, but it is, perhaps, just as important as the nutritional aspect.

It has to do with the plant cell structure itself.

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Green Medicine

People don’t usually think of vegetables as a remedy. But they can be.

Of course, we know that veggies are supposed to be good for us, while some of us cook different varieties because we like the way they taste. But do we really understand that eating vegetables can keep us out of the doctor’s office?

It’s time we learned.


I’m glad you asked. It turns out that green tomatoes offer an abundance of a medicine-like substance called Lycopene, an antioxidant. Put simply, antioxidants help protect our cells. Do you live in an environment where there is a lot of smoke, exhaust or pollution? Any of those can negatively affect the cells in our bodies, but the Lycopene in green tomatoes can act as a suit of armor around those cells. A protected cell is a strong and happy cell – with a much lower chance of developing an ailment.

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