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Farm Update

Hello everybody, I hope you all are doing well.  I’m terrible sorry I missed the newsletter last week.  My work computer as well as my wallet and other personal things were stolen Wednesday night.  I’ve spent the last several days trying to sort my personal life out as well as keep the farm going.  The field is looking pretty good, though it would be nice if we could dry out some.  I have lots of plants that have been waiting to go in for a few weeks now.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a chance to get them in.

The strawberries are starting to ripen; I picked some pints this morning.  Probably will only be a small amount in shares this week but I’m hoping to get a few solid weeks again this year.  Spring shares are a tad lighter since the growing season is still getting going but lots more variety this week and moving forward.

I’ll make sure to get a newsletter out this week (in time).  If you have any questions please contact rtempel@caastlc.org.  Randy is back full time now and will be handling the CSA pickup queries.

Items in Last Weeks Share:

Lettuce Mix/Salad Mix


Red Pac Choi

Mustard Greens





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