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Farm Update

Hello everybody, thanks for visiting our site.  As we all know we’re living in unprecedented times.  Things have changed for everybody and every organization on the planet and CAASTLC and Seeds of Hope are no different.  Fortunately, we are still offering our CSA program and are currently full.  We do from time to time have spots open up during the season, so if you’re still interested in signing up the best way to do this is go ahead and fill out the application (located a few posts below) and you will be placed on a waiting list.  Our organization is working with reduced staffing at the moment so we do appreciate your patience.  We’ve had to reorganize on the fly, people have had to learn new jobs, and we have a lot of work to do still.  Unfortunately we are currently unable to have volunteers at the farm currently.  This also means our volunteer-for-a-share program is on hold until further notice.  I hope to provide more clarity regarding this very soon as I know this is a popular thing we do, but I can’t comment any further right now.  We are also unable to accept EBT at the moment.  We are trying to resolve this issue because it’s highly important to us and integral to the program, but things are generally taking more time to do as all organizations including governments are scrambling a bit to deal with staffing issues, uncertainty, and often a vast increase in demands for services.  We will update you as soon as we know more on this front.

The plants, sun, and weather, however haven’t taken a break!  Our field is looking very good and with warm weather on the way the plants are going to start jumping rapidly.  Our full CSA season will start on May 21.  Emails have been sent to our subscribers regarding our pickup process at both farm sites.  We will send another email early next week confirming the process again to the full CSA subscriborship.  As of right now we are still asking that if you are picking up at the office in Overland that you call Brenden at 314-475-0553 to schedule a 30 minute pickup window on Thursdays from 1-6, though we would prefer our customers pick up by 5 if at all possible.  If you have any issues regarding your pickup please email Jake at jsmith@caastlc.org and we will figure something out.  Pickup at the farm will be similar to how it’s been in the past, though it will be contactless so just give me a honk when you arrive so I can throw my hoe down and grab your veggies from the cooler.  Just pop your trunk and I’ll run them out to you.

Thank you very much for your patience during this trying time.  We’ve been very busy juggling running the farm and handling our distribution and communication systems and have had a few lapses and been a bit late on our updates.  Rest assured we’re working the kinks out of our procedures while still keeping an eye on the plants.  That’s all for now.  I’ll be writing a facebook post with pictures on a walk around the farm I did this morning so be sure to check that out.  If I have time I will try to cross post on this site.  Take care.

Farmer Jake

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